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  Stem Cell Therapy

The stem cell treatment is now on its way in giving a new alternative to the surgical methods and curing certain ailment. This type of treatment is a biologic cell therapy that uses the stem cell from the body. There are important factors that can be found in the stem cell that can be useful in the healing process. With its wide range of benefits, it is becoming extremely popular worldwide. These are being endorsed as a new way of treating diseases and illnesses without conducting any surgeries.

One of the typical ailments that stem cell has cured is the knee problems. The stem cell knee therapy can be a great choice for this type of problem. This is a series of sessions being conducted in repairing the injured part of the body. With this process it allows the body to regenerate the cells and it can have more time to heal. Conducting this type of therapy can help the body to have a fast-healing recovery. It can condition the body to be more responsive with the sessions being conducted.

Another part of the therapy is the Stem Cell Injection Therapy (SCIT). This also needs a series of steps that needs to be taken. The treatment is being conducted within the use of anesthesia. Then a stem cell will be gathered from the body that will be used as the treatment for the knee ailment. The healing process will depend on the body’s response. That’s why a series of steps is being conducted in order for the stem cell to adopt with the body.

The stem cell is a natural way of treating chronic pains and other type of ailments that can add suffering towards the body. It is a good alternative to the body in repairing the damaged part or area. The stem cell will not be effective without the help from other factors required in the body. That’s why it is important that these factors are present in order to have a fast and effective regenerating process. Having this therapy available can increase the chance of having a successful treatment that can be done in the natural way. This can open a great source of alternative in the world of medicine in the future.

Stem cell injections are more important and effective in areas of low oxygen tension. The reason is that the bone marrow is an area of low oxygen tension. A severely arthritic joint or disc also are an area of low oxygen tension.

Furthermore, areas of low oxygen tension also have limited blood supplies. Stem cells seem to thrive in these areas. A difficult question to answer is when to use bone marrow derived stem cells (BMAC) versus fat derived stem cells (SVF). Each has its purpose.

BMAC contains many different growth factors, many of which are still not discovered. BMAC does appear certain IGE1 growth factor, while SVF does not, hence it is especially important to use HGH with SVF. BMAC probably has the same number of total stem cells but SVF contains many more mesenchymal stem cells.

If possible, we will try to use both however, if cost becomes a factor, then we will turn into SVF due to the lower cost involved and the number of mesenchymal stem cells produced.