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Washington Orthopedic and Knee Clinic works in conjunction with Dynamic Rehab to provide their patients top notch Physical Therapy services. At Dynamic Rehab, we excel in movement analysis. This is very important in healing our patients because injuries are often the result of biomechanical and postural fault that over time, cause chronic conditions like arthritis and joint pain.

A combination of manual and exercise therapy is delivered to help our patients break their pain cycle, but we always make it a point to revisit our patients’ movement and posture with a discerning eye, so we know we are enacting a permanent change. Our gait analysis is one such example.

All of our therapists have strong belief in exercise being medicine – but only the exercises that are controlled, targeted, and specific to the injury have the power to heal.

  • Quality 45 minutes to 1 hour physical therapy appointments, one-on-one
  • Patients experience better and faster healing because we dedicate more time with our patients
  • Instead of chasing symptoms, our treatments focus on the cause of problems
  • Convenient morning, evening, and Saturday appointments available
  • Most insurances accepted

We have three offices throughout the DC Metro region in Fairfax VA, Woodbridge VA, and Silver Spring MD. For more information and to setup an appointment visit or call (703) 205-1999