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Sport participation 2 years after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in athletes who had not returned to sport after 1 year:

Most athletes who were not playing sport at 1 year had returned to some form of sport within 2 years after ACL reconstruction, which may suggest that athlete can take longer than the clinically accepted time of 1 year to return to sport. However, only 2 of every 5 athletes were playing their preinjury level of sport at 2 years after surgery. When the result of the current study were combined with the results of athletes who had returned to sport at 1 year, the overall rate of return to the preinjury level of sport at 2 years was 60%. Demographic, physical function, and psychological factors were related to playing the preinjury level sport at 2 years after surgery, supporting the notion that returning to sport after surgery is multifactorial.

American Journal of Sports Medicine April 2015